Warm Weather Shipping May 14 2014

Hello Friends,


A quick note from us about shipping. It is sadly that time of year again when as a chocolatier, we wrestle with how best to ship our chocolates to you. It is hot in some places (like San Francisco today!) and not in others (we're looking at you Colorado). This creates a dilema. We want to bring you our chocolates with the lowest possible shipping/handling costs, but are committed to getting our chocolates to you in optimal condition - no one wants to receive melted Bacon Crack.


Today we are instituting our Warm Weather Shipping Policy to reflect the fact that there are some places where it is much too warm to ship via USPS Priority. You Coloradans may be thinking, "Wait, it just SNOWED here! How can you charge us an increased price because it's hot in Florida?" We agree. We don't want to foment any cross border animosity so we're going to try something new and see how this works. 


There is no way (that I know of in Shopify) to charge different costs by zip code and have that keyed to current temperatures in those zip codes (our chocolates do really well below 65-68°F - they hate when it gets above 75° and they are downright ornery at 85° and above.) As such, we are going to be implementing Express shipping costs across the board except for within UPS's one day Ground radius from San Francisco which they claim is about 300 miles. If you think this is unfair and unwarranted based on where you live, you are welcome to choose the lower "Cold Weather Shipping" option at checkout. We will check the current weather maps prior to shipping and see what temperature it is in your area. We will contact you before shipping your chocolates if we determine that there is a high likelihood that your chocolates will arrive in a melted puddle of chocolate (mmm, puddle of chocolate).


When we contact you, if you confirm that you want us to ship the slower method, we cannot be held responsible for chocolates melting in transit. We will do everything in our power to package them to resist high temperatures (insulated bubble wrap, foam boxes, gel packs) but if you choose the slower option, you run the risk of drinking our chocolate instead of eating it.


As we are just trying this out, we may revise as we go forward, but this is the best policy we've come up with at the moment to get our chocolates to you in their best form and at the least cost. We're a lot better at making chocolate than in figuring out the intricacies of perishable product fulfillment. Please bear with us as we sort this out. Thanks.