Welcome, and thank you! January 07 2014

Welcome to our fancy new website.

We're very excited to launch this new site today after having had our previous 'starter site' for years. Our old site was functional, and served the purposes for which it was made, but we've grown beyond that one and needed/wanted a new site that could highlight our products and services more accurately.

It really does take a village. In addition to our longstanding admiration and gratitude for our graphic designer Tatyana Balte , who makes our packaging look so fantastic, a giant "Thank you!" is due to three people in particular who made this new website happen, and to one who made our previous site happen. 

My friend @sistermable built our previous site with sporadic (and mostly worthless) input from me. She was unflappable in her patience with my ignorant questions and late-night freak outs when something would get messed up - mostly due to my tinkering. She's now living the life of luxury in Malta which makes me eternally jealous.

Brian and Allison O'Neill (@sfbrian and @awamback) are my good friends and my new heros. They've created this site that you're looking at, and I seriously can't stop clicking links just to make sure it's not a dream. I feel that this is a site that I can grow into and that Shopify will be able to handle all of our needs as we expand. Kind of like getting a new pair of shoes as a child that are a size too big, but that you'll have for years and that will become better fitting as time goes on. Or something.

And to Pinckney Templeton, who took most of the beautiful, drool-inducing, chocolate-porn pictures on this site. Case in point:

The girl's got skills. She makes our chocolate look pretty sweet (sorry). Check out her other work at pinckneytempleton.com.

Thank you all. And thank you to our customers, who we wouldn't be here without. Here's to many more years of sweet, savory chocolates in your beautiful faces.

Ess gezunterhait!

Kai Kronfield