Salted Caramel & Chocolate Sauces

$ 15.00

Finally! We are proud to release our line of delicious salted caramel and chocolate sauces on our site. This caramel sauce has the same great flavors you are used to in our chocolate-dipped caramels, but is made slightly differently to enable you to pour it on ice cream, dip fruit in it, drizzle it on cheese, spread it on waffles or just eat it straight from the jar with a spoon.


Our rich Bourbon Chocolate Sauce is sinfully delicious (and it's actually vegan, but shhh. Don't tell anybody that or we may lose some of our bacon cred.) and is a perfect compliment to ice cream, strawberries or can be used as a little kick in your coffee.


Please note: If you are only ordering these sauces and it is during the warm months, you can choose the Priority Mail shipping option as this can be shipped slower than chocolate since it is not susceptible to heat like our chocolates are.

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